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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day Three of the Marathon

3rd Day is a Charm!
Wow, these three travel days have been literally been flying. Today, we drove 500.3 miles, yesterday 485 and the first day 460 for a total of 1445 miles. We are 24 miles from the Florida border in Brunswick, GA. Yes, we are parked at another Cracker Barrel restaurant. I could have risked going to the Navy Submarine base at Kings Bay, but it was getting late with no guarantee of an available site. Here we are at our favorite “on the road eatery” for the night. No hassles about getting kicked out of the lot. I had an excellent shrimp dinner and now winding down for a good night sleep in the camper.
The weather is already incredible with a high of 77 degrees and we’re not even in Florida! Oh, one more thing I took care of this evening. Because we were afraid of getting our mountain bikes full of salt and brine, we had put them in the camper. With the slide closed, we were climbing over the sofa to get to things. Well, the bikes are now parked on the bike rack in the front of the truck. The weather will not be a factor.
Here we are at our RV Cracker Barrel Campsite 
Selfie At The Visitor Center!

The shades are part of the culture down here!
That is what we saw and did!

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