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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Its a Key West Landing

We are in Key West! Our arrival was at 8:39 this morning. The camp host drove us around and we selected one of three available sites in the 500 block area. This is what I wanted. Water tap is available within 30 feet. The orientation is facing in the right direction for afternoon shade. We have a concrete pad which is good most of the time, except when it rains heavily and it takes a little more time to evaporate the runoff.
Busy unpacking and setting up!
We spent most of the rest of the day setting up the 5th wheel, leveling, filling up the fresh water tank, sterilizing the water system and getting everything, well not everything, unpacked. We paid the rent for the winter and put our name in for long term storage here on the Navy Base. We are on a waiting list for a spot and may or may not get one. This is for keeping our 5th wheel here during the summer.

Richard & Monique will appreciate this selfie as much
as we did! Thanks 

That is what we did and saw!

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