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Friday, April 5, 2013

Charleston, SC…The Citadel…The Mighty Eight Air Force

This morning we left Hunter Army Air Field and soon were on I-95 North. I had seen information about “The Mighty Eight Air Force Museum” on exit 102, just up the road. When I saw the sign, I was compelled to exit. The Mighty Eight was the US Army Air Force in the European theatre during WW-II. The museum was informative, well displayed with artifacts and many volunteers, who made the self guided tour personal. One of the facts that stayed with me was that the Mighty Eight had 26,000 airmen that didn’t make it back. This is the most casualties of any of the armed forces. There were 28,000 men captured. Well done to the Mighty Eight Air Force!

The Citadel...Cadets in Review!
On to Charleston, South Carolina... Our daughter Lori had been down earlier this past winter to visit friends and they took her to the “Citadel” South Carolina Military College. Their grandson is a cadet. On Fridays, there is a military retreat on the parade ground. We happened to arrive in Charleston at 3pm just 45 minutes before the marching Cadets did their review in front of a three star Air Force General. The general wasn’t the only staff officer there. Every branch of the armed forces were represented by at least two full bird colonels! I was impressed with the precision marching, the band, the cannon fire and everything. The grandson, mentioned above, is the grandson of Dave and Sam Cordwell of Berlin, NH. We knew that he was in “Tango Company”. I set my Nikon camera on burst and “I think” captured every Cadet in Tango Company. Time will tell if I actually got their grandson.
AirForce...Three Star General..Impressive!

Tonight, we are at JP Charleston (Joint Base Naval Weapons Station and Charleston Air Force Base). It was the first time that coming on base, I had my whole truck camper X-rayed. You drive right through this large device that sees all of your dirty laundry! The RV Campground here is looking very good.
That is what we did and saw 

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