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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Onslow Beach…MCB Camp Lejeune…The Marines have Landed!

Marines in Training!

Camp Lejeune is a massive land area of a base. The Onslow Beach Recreation Area is 10 miles in on the base. The paved highway crosses many tank trails. It wasn’t long before we started meeting mechanized Marine units in their armored vehicles. It always leaves an impression on me to see our military in action! Soon, we arrived at the Intercostal Water Way (IWW), to a draw bridge. The bridge traffic was stopped for a sail boat going by. On the other side, we saw the RV Campground to our left. We checked in and got a spot about 150 feet from the IWW. The distance to the ocean from the IWW is about 750 feet.
Me Doing what I Love to Do!
We immediately parked and started for the ocean view above the high sand dunes. WOW, off in a short distance is some sort of air craft carrier. V-22 Osprey aircraft were taking off vertically, others were circling around the carrier. While all of this was going on, sun bathers were taking it the sun on the beach. As far as adventures go, this very exciting for me. To have the privilege just to view this is very gratifying.
That is what sunrise looks like!

The RV campground has full hookups, cable TV at every site, good WIFI, clean restrooms, laundry room, Mini Mart. We were going to leave this Marine Base this morning and head north, but after doing groceries, getting a haircut, the day was too far along to leave. We headed back to Onslow Beach for another night stay. This evening I was able to take pictures of the amphibious armored troop carriers that were live firing just down the road. It was another great day. Oh, by the way Helen got a Marine haircut too! Now she’s ready for inspection!
This is what sunset looks like!

That is what we did and saw! 

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