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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cumberland Island, GA…National Seashore

This is the only sub picture I was able to take,
it is unclassified... actually it's made of concrete!
According to the “Travel Channel”, “America’s Most Beautiful Wilderness Beach”, St Marys is the gateway to spectacular Cumberland Island… the largest of the Georgia Coast Barrier Islands. The Cumberland Queen ferry shuttles people to the Island. Unfortunately for us, it was at capacity and we were unable to explore the Island. We missed the historic mansions, wild horses (I’m told 107 of them) running along the beaches and trails. We did take in the National Park Service Visitor Center for a good overview of Cumberland Island.
Not giving up the ship of adventure, we decided to explore St Marys in greater detail. At the St Marys Visitor Center, we learned a little more of its history. The Civil War played a nearly unknown part in St Marys. The Union Forces took Fernandina Beach, Florida which is just across the St Marys River. The Union Forces had not planned on attacking St Marys, but someone from St Marys side of the river shot and killed a Union Captain. All hell broke loose, the Union Army destroyed and or took everything that was not nailed down in St Marys. All of this happened five days after the Civil War ended, but neither side knew!
It was a good day for walking and a visit to the cemetery was a good choice. The large “Live Oak Trees” lined the side street to the cemetery.
The camper is dwarf by the giant Live Oak trees!
The grave stones dated back to the early 1800’s. It is a very large place with some stones that are just a year or two old. One really gets a sense of a town’s history looking at grave markers. I always ponder…”Um, I wonder what this person died of or was that person killed in a war”? We left looking back at all those Live Oak Trees with the moss hanging from branches. Time marches on and we’ve got places to visit.

That is what we did and saw

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