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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Virginia Beach…Fort Story and the rest of the Story

Cape Henry Light House
The storm had passed last night with very strong wind rocking the camper. I reached over and got the remote and let the camper jacks anchor us to the ground. It helped immensely. All of this took place around 3am. It was funny that it didn’t rain at all.
The road was calling us to see what’s beyond the sand dunes. I wanted to head north and west towards Gettysburg and stop at what ever aroused our curiosity. The first thing on the map was Fort Story. It had the oldest building commissioned by the government of the United States. It happened to be a lighthouse. The history here doesn’t go back to the Civil War, but the War of Independence. A big Naval battle took place here involving the French Armada and the British Fleet.
The French won the naval battle isolating British troops in Yorktown. General Washington was able to move his army and defeated British General Cornwallis, which eventually lead to our Independence from Britain. Fort Story is an active military base with full security in place. We were able to access many historic spots that are not generally opened to the public. One of the placards read that we should visit Yorktown and Williamsburg up the road.
St Bede in Williamsburg, VA
Tonight we are on the outskirts of Williamsburg at another military RV campground. We are at Cheatham Annex/Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Williamsburg, VA. After a visit to the Visitor Center we were overwhelmed with the amount of things and places to visit around here. There are 52 historic places close by. We, I think, have narrowed down to six that we will try and visit in the next day or so. Boy, it’s a good thing it is still snowing back home. We are not rushing back!

Tonight after selecting our camp site we made it over to St Bede Church for mass. What a church! It is modeled after a Greek Orthodox Church that we visited in Saco, ME. It has a large Atrium that leads you into the larger circular main part of the church.
Later this evening, we settled into our campsite. I setup the BBQ and we celebrated with a nice T-bone steak. Life is rough on the trail!Mug

Map picture
That is what we did and saw!

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