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Friday, April 12, 2013

Virginia Beach… Sea Mist RV Park

Life is rough on a rainy day!
Sea Mist RV Campground... Dam Neck Annex
This morning the predicted storm held off just long enough for me to disconnect the sewer, water and electrical. It rained all the way to Virginia Beach, VA. We took back roads to get here and I had to do some fancy dead reckoning. I knew about where I was going, but not exactly to the RV campground. Oceania Naval Air Station is a big place with many major roads around it. Finally we made it, only to find the campground gate locked. A camper was coming out and gave us the code to enter. The registration office was unoccupied, but instructions were by the door for registration after hours. We selected a site, not too impressed so far. It was still raining. I was to fill the paperwork out and drop-it into a drop box. We had lunch and decided to leave and go to the State Park campground. A camp worker showed up and we asked if he knew about other campgrounds to stay at. He mentioned that he stays at Sea Mist at Dam Neck Fleet Training Center Atlantic. We left to check it out. Bingo! “nice as apple pie”. This RV park is practically new. It has a clubhouse with Direct TV, laundry, restrooms, wide concrete pads, full hookups. The registration attendant took time to give us a golf cart tour of the  park and part of the Navy base. Two items that stood out here…One is that they launch drones right off the beach. The other notable thing is that the north end part of the base is off limits. USN Amphibious Base is there along with no other than Navy Seal Team Six!
The rain subsided early afternoon,Umbrella it was sunny for an hour and a half. The clouds returned and the forecast was for showers tonight before clearing. After an “in camper” dinner, we went next door to watch the nightly news. We were in there alone for a while until the Camp Host came in to register a late arrival. She mentioned that they had gone up to Alaska. Well that was enough to spark a wonderful long conversation about our past Alaskan adventures. It never fails when we are at a military campground to meet some wonderful people with wonderful stories. They all seem to have that sense of adventure, the sense to see what’s on the other side of the hill! It’s a great country with plenty of places to visit and learn about.
That is what we did and saw!

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