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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Savannah, GA…Sparklingly Even In Rain!

The rain started last night and drizzled off and on most of the night as well as today. We made the decision to stay another day and navigate the puddles around old town Savannah. 
St John the Baptist Cathedral
It wasn’t a cold rain, with an umbrella, water proof jackets and a couple of hats, we were off on a walking tour. The historic section of town is about a mile across and a mile in the other direction. We walked towards the Cathedral, this would take us past Pulaski Square, Madison and Lafayette Squares. These squares are so inviting, if not drizzling one would sit and admire these inspiring places for hours. People were walking around oblivious to the rain.

The Cathedral of  St. John the Baptist is getting a face lift on the outside. There is scaffolding covering the entire front façade. Now our tour guide,  yesterday, said that all would be finished by the end of the month. You see the contractor’s daughter  is scheduled to be married on the first of May. The inside of the church is one of the nicest churches that we’ve visited in the United States, and we’ve visited a lot of them! In colonial days, Catholics were banned from Savannah. The authorities believed that Catholics were of Spanish decent and if war came they would favor Spain their arch enemy.
Its Not Snow!

A note here about churches in the old town…I believe every denomination has a church in this district of town.

From the Cathedral, we strolled down Abercorn Street passing the Colonial Park Cemetery. Normally, we would give it a second look, but the wet lawn made us pass on this side exploration. Chippewa Square, one street over, was used for the filming of “Forrest Gump”. The scene in the park where Forrest recalls his past while sitting on a park bench… 
“and that’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

Our walk brought us to River Street and the Savannah River. Here is where one can go crazy smelling all of the home made chocolates, candy apples, taffy kisses, caramel popcorn with pecan nuts! “Helen,” I said, I’ll never make it up all those cobble stone steps from the river bank, if I buy any of this “look, but don’t eat merchandise”.
One last stretch to the visitor parking lot and it was time to bid farewell to this wonderful Southern Bell of a city.
That is what we did and saw!

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