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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Bolt to the North!!

New York after the GW Bridge!

So far on this winter getaway, we have visited many friends and relatives. Visited countless attractions both natural and historic. I am glad that I took the time to write this nearly daily blog. I will in the coming months re-read the blogs, remember and possibly add more detail to the daily events. We have so many more experiences to recount with fondness. After all, with the type of  travel we do, meeting people and seeing places is our joy.
Now back to where we are today. The weather for this week so not looking too good. Rain and cooler temperatures. I didn’t want to spoil the first impressions that I get when we visit a new site. The cold and rain would not do it justice. Like a wild horse, I felt like bolting and hitting the road. That is what we did! I knew that I could easily drive from Virginia to somewhere in Connecticut in one day. We left Yorktown before dawn, around a quarter to six in the morning. The computer said we were around 850 miles from home. In a half hour, we were on I-95 North bound. I-95 is not my favorite route, but being close, I selected this path home. I did plan on diverting inland using I-81 and I-84 avoiding the New York area. The traffic wasn’t too bad going through the heart of Washington, DC and we shelved the alternate route and stayed on I-95. It proved to be a little costly in  road tolls, but the joy of seeing all that traffic, and especially the bumper to bumper traffic on the north side of the George Washington bridge was an adventure.

The George Washington Bridge... Upper deck!
After all, being in bumper to bumper traffic gives one time to get good photos of the New York skyline! Oh yes, then there’s the NY metro police that pulled me over on the Cross Bronx Parkway. He said to me "why didn’t you turn off when I pointed to you"? I actually though that he wanted to go to the right and I got out of his way. He said “you can’t be on this Parkway with your camper. The arched overhead bridges are to low”! I knew I *@#^ up. I asked, “How do I get out of here now”? He said, “Take the first exit, go down the ramp, take a left and the next left, get on the Cross Bronx Parkway ‘West’ get off on I-87 North, take the I-287 East and the I-84 East to Danbury, Connecticut. I think I lost him right after “Take”. I said to Helen, "give me the map"! He pointed you are here and repeated the above instructions. When I see it on a map I got it clearly in my head! No problems from here on. We stopped for dinner at the Blue Diner in Newton, CT. After talking to the owner, he said we could stay the night in his parking lot. It was a 24 hour diner and we didn’t get bothered with traffic the rest of the night. Newton, CT... remember was the town that was the site of that terrible school shooting!

That is what we did and saw!

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