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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Reality Sets In…Home Sweet Home…Where Do We Keep the Silverware?

It is always a mild shock to arrive home after a long stay away. I literally had to think for a second where we kept the silverware. We had been gone 61 days on this adventure… 77 days this past summer to Alaska. In a years’ time we traveled from 207 miles North of the Artic Circle (Inuvik, NWT) to Key West, Florida. 90 miles from Cuba (15,000 miles last summer and 5,105 on this winter trip) .God, there is so much left to see!
The temperature here in Berlin, NH is till cool, but in another week or so the leaves will start to bud. I will get back outside and tackle the yard. ( I love doing yard work) That is no joke! In the mean time, I have the truck camper to clean, the truck needs to be serviced and a special front mount on the truck for a future generator. Just maybe, in June, we’ll be able to sneak away for a couple of weeks up to Nova Scotia and into Labrador. Remember that new road from Happy Valley Goose Bay, Labrador posted in a  previous Alaska blog? I always have to have something in the planning stage. It keeps me young and crazy!

Home of the "Fried Green Tomatoes"
Back to the camper... I spent this morning emptying the rest of the clothes and everything else that we had packed. The rest of the day I cleaned all of the bugs off the nose of the camper. It is accessible now that it is off the truck. The sun was shining into the shop and with the radio broadcasting the man hunt in Boston, the afternoon seemed to go by very fast. When I called it quits for the day, I had waxed 3/4 quarters of the camper. The worst was done.
The weather this Saturday morning was again cool, but I did manage to rake a little in front of the house. The sand that is spread in the winter months, in the street that is, makes a mess on the lawns. That is all part of living in the North Country here in New England.
Now that we are home, I can reflect on our trip, re-read some of the blogs and realise that I didn't have time to include so many little details that made our voyage so interesting. For an example; in Savanna, GA. We had stopped at a "Whistle Stop Cafe" famous for their Fried Green Tomatoes. Some of you probably have seen the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" partially filmed in this cafe.
Fried Green Tomatoes!

That is what we did and saw!


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