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Monday, February 25, 2013

Brooksville ~ The Plumbing Job!

The new tank!
We hit the road around 9:30am. I knew that Brooksville wasn’t too far down the road. We stopped at the Sugar Mill to checkout its history and take a few pictures. I really was thinking that there would be a geocache at this site, but there wasn’t. While the computer was on the geocaching program, I downloaded a nearby cache and soon we had a find at a birding wildlife site.
The "Live Oak" Helen and Henry
Notice the houses in the background and
"Mr Aligator in the foreround"
Twenty-three miles later we were at Henry Coulombe’s driveway. We had called and got Henry’s answering machine. It wasn’t very long before Henry drove up and was surprised to find us in his driveway. Henry was at Lowe's picking up a new hot water heater for his house. Needless to say, we spent the afternoon chasing parts and installing the new heater. I felt good working again. People would stop by and I would tell them that Henry hired a plumber from NH to install the heater. It was nearly dark when we finished. Helen had prepared supper. Later, Henry took us up to the heated indoor pool. Man that water was the perfect temperature! A short ride in his gulf cart and we were home for the night. Henry offered a spare bedroom, but I feel that we didn’t want to impose and we slept in the camper.
That is what we saw and did.

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Sixbears said...

Thanks for helping my dad! I was worried about him doing it alone.