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Saturday, February 16, 2013

South to Washington ~ No more Snow!!

Enfield, CT this early morning had a covering of snow. It was only a inch and very wet. This was a far cry from yesterday”s warm nearly fifty degrees weather that we so much enjoyed. Oh well, we would be traveling west and to the south, actually away from the predicted snow coming later afternoon and evening.
2013-02-16 004 (800x600)
Helen taking a picture of the Hudson River
Mileage is what I needed to do today to punch through the dreaded New England winter weather. I hoped that I could make it to somewhere close to Winchester, VA. (estimated 430 miles) The weather was cold all day and cloudy. Nearly the entire travel day gave us a view of just a sprinkle of fresh snow on the trees. The highways were dry. Our route was to take us away from the New York City metropolitan areas, closer to the Poconos mountains. We soon were on I-81 South heading for our Winchester destination. Helen spent to day exercising her injured thumb on her new phone. (we never had a unlimited texting plan before). We had a good deal at the RV Camping show for a MyFi from  Verizon with a new phone. (For those of you who do not know what a MyFi is, it is a device that enables you to access the internet any place you have cell reception).  That makes it very convenient to connect two laptops, Kindle Fire, Kindle, I Touch and finally one I Pod.
On the outskirts of Harrisburg, PA, Helen started to talk about her cousin who was recently diagnosed with cancer. He lives in Arlington, VA. Cousin Bob was very good to us when we took a “Heart of Europe Tour” He was on business at the Paris Air Show and took time to give us a special tour of Paris, France. It became apparent  that we should divert and head to the Washington area for a visit. South on I-83 we headed. Traffic, traffic and countless Interstates and Byways… so much fun! We are in a place Laurel, Maryland at a Quality Inn. The game plan was to stay in a motel the first few days of our trip. No time to find a secure place to stay in the camper over night. I think when I check the mileage in the truck we drove around 430 miles as planned.

That is what we did and saw  
Map picture

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