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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Nature Walk!

Walking in the Wildlife Preserve
Homosassa, Florida
Saturday morning we all went for a walk in the nearby Wildlife Preserve. This area is just a short walk from the home site. The trails are covered with little placards that explain the different vegetation and wildlife in the area. One placard said that the largest rattlesnake "The Eastern Diamond Back" lived in this area. Sometimes reaching six feet in long! Out ch! Watch were you are stepping! The trail finally came to the waterways with large expanse of tall grass with a river channel meandering left and right through the Delta. Their was an observation tower that gave us a panoramic view of all of this vista.
Expansive Delta View
Wildlife Preserve
Later after the morning hike and at lunch time we were treated to the best venison burgers we have ever had. Between Roland who is an expert at preparing venison meat to Cindy who cooks like a pro, we had a feast for lunch.
The afternoon brought us to Ford Island a few miles up the road from Homosassa. This is one of only a few places that actually has a sandy beach. Their were many people there sunbathing, but none were in the water. We walked a little further to the boat launch area and spoke to fisherman with answers like "No Luck". The afternoon was drawing to an end. It was time to head back. We stopped at a Catholic church for mass before heading for the compound. We headed for a spare rib place called "Sonny's" and had another good meal.

That is what we did and saw!

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