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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Plotting ~ Direction to the South by Southeast

Island with a palm treeI am again planning and thinking of all the things that have to be done before leaving for plan “C” ~ Key West, Florida. With Arizona aborted, because of family emergencies, mine and my mother-in-laws’, things are falling into place. It has been extremely cold here in northern New Hampshire with one exception of a couple of days of above normal…rainy weather. The snow took a beating and now it is back to being very cold weather. All of this makes it difficult to plan a take off date. If it snows  heavily before leaving, I’ll have to remove the front hitch mountain bike mount in order to attach the snow plow. I have to watch the weather all the way down the east coast to make sure that we are not heading into a blizzard. When we headed for Arizona a couple weeks ago, that is exactly what happened [not so much of a snow storm, but extremely windy and cold weather blowing in from somewhere most likely the North Pole]!
SunMy little emoticons at the beginning of each paragraph on this blog are for good luck on the weather side. Truck Camper Magazine recently had a couple of articles on truck camping in cold weather. It may work as stated on the articles, but when the temperature never goes above 8 F. and the wind blows a steady 30mph it is not  the best of conditions. [The Lake Effect weather] 

2012-08-15 003 (800x530)
This picture was taken last summer on shores of Lake Superior
I am just trying to think positive on the weather!
Hot smileOn the positive side, everything is nearly loaded, cleaned and ready to go. We are planning on visiting friends and family on the way down to Florida. Fortunately they are all located in the southern tier of the States. I have downloaded a bunch of military RV campgrounds for us to checkout. We might take advantage of these and the military facilities close by. 

That is what we are planning!

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