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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Florida… The Sunshine State

Finally,after crossing into the “Sunshine State”, the temperature climbed to 78' degrees! Rain showers were predicted for late afternoon, but it only drizzled for 10 minutes in the evening 
Waxing at Walmart!!
South Carolina was relatively a short State to cross from north to south. The gas prices here were higher, in the high three-seventies. We took our time driving down, stopping at the different Information Centers, picking up state maps and talking to people. We reached Waldo, Florida in late afternoon and spotted a Wal-Mart  for groceries. Oh, I forgot to mention our stop at an RV dealer. I was looking  for parts for the camper (nothing serious) and they said I could fill up with drinking water and use the dump station, if needed. So far, on this journey, the truck camper was still winterized and now was the time to fill up. Back at Wal-Mart, we decided to stay the night. We asked and they said it was ok as long as we didn’t block the trucker’s entrance. I had time to finish cleaning the truck, I even gave it a coat of wax. It felt good to be outside in a tee shirt. Hot smile(notice the goatee is back)
That is what we did and saw
Map picture

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