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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ocala, Florida….The Mix Up!

Judy, Mike, Helen and Yours Truly!
Ocala Palms

The Bottle Brush Tree
"Eat Your Heart Out Dickey"
A good night sleep felt good. The furnace never came on. Are we really in warm country? Yes, as I rubbed my eyes and looked at the rising orange sun to the east. It would be a short 40 mile run down to Ocala to visit with Mike & Judy Mazzeo. We had called yesterday to see if they would be home. I took my time driving so we would arrive at there house around 9:30. The story took a twist from this point on. I had pre-programed the laptop to bring us to their home address. A short stop at a gas station for a coffee and a few minutes on the computer to finish yesterday's blog. OK, I said, "let's move on to Steve’s address". Three miles away, we find exactly the right street names, house numbers, but this was not a gated community, as we were toll it would be. Something was wrong. I checked the address and discovered that I had added two letters after Circle. I was trying to re-program the computer when the phone rang and Mike asked if we were having a hard time finding his house. He directed us to follow US 27 South. A half hour later, I pulled over and said to Helen that we should be heading North on 27. Another half hour and we pulled up to the beautiful gated community… golf course and all. Mike & Judy were out front waiting to greet us. We had a good time chatting all afternoon, looking at pictures. Mike gave us a grand tour of the 1100 home community. Mike has a wonderful, beautiful home and Judy gets five stars for decorating!
We headed South on I-75 and found a spot to bed down for the night.
That is what we did and saw

Map picture

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