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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Washington, DC ….The Maze!

Sunday morning we got up early and had a quick breakfast at the Quality Inn. I was sort of in a hurry to checkout my truck. It looked like a rough neighborhood the night before. Racial profiling you know! Ah, everything was in order on the rig. We located a Catholic Church 3 miles away and made it just in time for 8 o’clock mass.
The fun begins after church service… driving down to Alexandria. If you’ve ever driven down the beltways in DC, you know how many exits and ramps you get to choose from. Wow! I had only a short time last night to study the road course. Amazingly, I made it all the way to the last exit on the interstate. Only three miles left to Cousin Bob’s house. Oh, no!…. an overpass low clearance sign! It was one of those tapered stone overhead bridges from the old days. One corner said 10’-2” to the center of 13”-6”. I was panicking until I saw a sign that said all buses must use the center lanes. Our truck camper is 11’-6”. A good thing I had physically put a label on the windshield. We passed in the center with inches to spare.
We found Bob’s house with no problem after that. The sad news then was that Bob was dying. The family expected him to pass within hours. We did not even go into the house. The family talked to us and invited us in, but this  I felt a private family time and we left with prayers on our minds. Bob passed that day around 5:30pm
We continued driving to Rocky Mount, NC our night stay for today.
That is what we did and saw
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