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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leesburg, Florida ~ Perfect Visit!

Bob, Georgette, Helen and Lucien
Leesburg, FL
The sign is for real!
Brittiny Acres
Most of the visits to friends and relatives are short hops down the road as it was with this one... Ocala to Leesburg. Our visit with Georgette and Bob was relaxing day for us. We walked around the community, took pictures of the many beautiful flowers in bloom. The temperature was in the low eighties with a slight breeze. Down at the lake we chuckled at two signs... Bikini Beach.... Caution Alligators! Later we found out that a large 10' Gator was spotted just off shore. Georgette and Bob took us to a Chinese Buffet for lunch. We spent the latter part of the afternoon in the Florida Room sipping on a glass of wine, talking about everything under the sun and most of all having a good time in the Florida weather.
It was good to slow down from our trip from New Hampshire. The evening soon arrived and after dinner we said our goodbye's and headed for our favorite night camping (on the road) spot. (Cracker Barrel Restaurant) Not many people know of this spot. It is nearly always vacant at night and best of all quiet.

That is what we did and saw!


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