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Monday, March 4, 2013

Fort Myers~Fort Myers Beach…Friends & Family

Anne Cartier and Helen...Fort Myers
This morning it was warming up and the sun was shinning. Helen called her cousin Anne Cartier. She answered and was on her way to the dentist before work. She was available for lunch and gave us a place to meet off at exit 128, at the Olive Garden Restaurant. Perfect timing! We had lunch and caught up on family stuff. Anne works for a company that specializes in laser concrete floor leveling equipment. She travels around the world marketing this equipment. It was a nice visit with a nice cousin.

Henry... The Master of the piano keys!
Next phone call was to Henry Turgeon (“Helen’s former boss, when she worked at the City Diner, during her high school days”) Henry thinks of Helen as a daughter. If there is ever a couple that make you feel welcomed, it is Henry and Jeanette! Henry with his mastery of the digital piano can play any kind of music you want. His piano can do just about anything a whole orchestra can do. Jeanette is a young spirited 82 year old. She is absolutely remarkable with her knowledge of computers and digital gadgets. After Henry’s entertaining afternoon, we went to dinner (I ate too much!) and returned to their home. We spent the night in the camper, reminiscing the days adventures and soon fell a sleep.
That is what we did and saw!

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