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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Key West.. Boca Chica… The Naval Air Show!!

Close and Tight!
Our original departure date was scheduled for yesterday the 22nd of March. The two day air show was the determining factor for our stay. I got all of the info on getting there, how to avoid the crowds and such from Paul, another Lance  Truck Camper owner. The gates opened at 9:30 and in no time, we were parked fairly close to the main event area. Our first activity of the day was to visit all of the vendors, checkout the static displays. The vendors were from many varied sources. Not all military as one would expect. A NOAA booth was particularly interesting. They explained how weather information is gathered across the country at the same time to make up a national weather map. Of course, I probed into the hurricane predictions and weather warnings that we always hear about on TV. They explained in detail how everything flows together.
After lunch in the camper, the folding chairs were spread out and soon aircraft of every type were doing aerobatics. I must say the parachute team did a spectacular job opening the show with the “Stars Bangle Banner” playing on the dozens of loud speakers set up on the tarmac.
Two Aircraft...One Flying Upside Down and Close!!
At two thirty the Navy Blue Angles took to the skies. Wow! They are tremendous aviators! From the left to the right, up and down, in formation or as individuals they were nearly indescribable. When one sees these pilots preform aerial maneuvers. I took 313 pictures in my Nikons' burst mode. I briefly looked at them and I do have a lot of keepers!
The Naval Air Station here in Key West also has what is called the Conch Air Force. This is Navy Fighter planes that are painted in camouflage colors with Russians Stars painted on them. The pilots are Americans but they fly Russian Tactics or what ever opposing country is needed to train against. I’m told that these F-5 Fighter Pilots are some of the worlds best.
That is what we saw and did!

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