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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Key West…So Much to Blog About!

The “Boomers” have been so busy “seeing and doing”, it’s nearly impossible to recount all of the places, events and people that have crossed our paths. The people here at Trumbo Point especially are the ones that make this campground special. This is one of the best “People Friendly” places that we have ever visited. It is no wonder that some have been coming here for fifteen years! Every day, I get a new tip, advice or some other valuable bit of info to make this and future trips easier and interesting. This morning, Paul (another Lance Truck camper owner) gave me information on accessing the upcoming airshow. His wife, Joyce, is gone exercising this morning at Sigsbee's with Helen. (Zumba followed by Yoga.)  I stayed back to exercise the dump station for the camper and refill the fresh water tank.

Butterflies at Work!
A couple of days ago, I forgot to mention or blog about our visits to the Audubon House and the Butterfly Conservatory. First, the Audubon House. We had tickets to this wonderful old house with antiques and flowering gardens. Upon entering, we were given a history of the building and its owners. The building as been restored due to Hurricane damage. The wood work inside is on Long Pine, Mahogany and Cypress. You can see the close grained rings of this lumber making it from old forest growth. A chair upstairs is made from Birds Eye Maple. It was a neat experience. The gardens also stood out with their flowers and plantings. Of course, one does associate Audubon with birds. Mr. Audubon studied the 22 different species of birds in the Keys! He was also a painter and all of the native birds are depicted in the Audubon House. Reprints are available, but are expensive!.
Where's That Butterfly?
The Butterfly Conservatory was next! This attraction had been suggested by several people. Sherry gave us a ticket from her coupon book. How could we refuse! It was, as it turned out well worth the visit. Walking through the double doors, we were greeted with hundreds of butterflies of different species not to mention colors! It is extremely difficult to take a good picture of butterflies. They are always moving or their wings are in the closed position. Some have color only on the open side or back side. Well both Helen and I took a multitude of pictures. We did managed to get a few keepers.

That is what we saw and did!   

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