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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Satellite Beach… Patrick AFB…The Cold Wind!

Marc took us to the church that he plays the organ at. We stayed for a mass, especially seeing that it is Holy Week. The ride over to Patrick Air Force Base was only about a hundred thirty miles, an easy trip for us road travelers. Patrick AFB is close to Cape Canaveral, on a barrier island. I can see from the inner coastal waterway to the Atlantic. I’m guessing the distance at 1-1/2 miles away. The RV campground is at water’s edge with water and electrical hookups. $17 a night is not bad for the amenities. We are situated next to the runway, but it is not a busy AFB, at least since we’ve been here. We registered for two nights. On the down side is the weather. It’s been sunny, but extremely windy and cold temperature. The weather man this morning said the record low temperature might be broken tonight. That low temp. is 43 degrees!  I know people up north are laughing as they read the low temperature record, but coming from 300 miles south (Key West) it is a shocker! It reinforces my determination to crawl north even slower. 
Patrick AFB...Next to RV Campground

It didn’t take very long to get acquainted with the layout of the base. They have a very good dining facility and that’s where we had dinner. The facility sits on the very edge of the water and we watched waves splashing over the seawall. It was impressive, but I’m glad we were inside and not walking along the sea wall. (Brrrr…even at 61 degrees )
Walking in the RV park, we already spotted three RV campers from Key West. They also are heading north, but very slowly. One guy from New Hampshire said he was staying here for a couple of weeks.
That is what we did and saw!

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