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Friday, March 1, 2013

Mac Dill ~ The CenCom Asian Coalition!

Asian Invitation!
Left to Right.. General from Mongolia, White Mt shirt
is a pilot from Thailand, Red tee shirt is from Korea
Pot Luck?
I was barely finished writing today's blog in the Marina. We were the only ones there, when this foreign military officer came in with another Asian looking man at the Marina lounge. He came over and said in broken English, "We would like to use this place for a gathering, but you can stay". We said, "no problem". A few minutes later a couple of dozen Asians came in and started to setup food tables. We finished our computer stuff and were getting ready to walk out. The Asian man came over and asked us to join them. We said, "Oh, no". He kept insisting. He said, "all these people are coalition forces from Central Command. He also said they are from Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand, Tibet and Nepal. He kept insisting for us to join them. Each country had prepared a food dish from there country's specialty. We eventually broke down and joined them for the festivities. Now don't ask me what we had, but I'm sure their was some Sushi, Curry Chicken, and maybe ??? meat? It was Friday, and being good Catholics during lent, we don't usually eat meat on Fridays. We didn't want to create an international incident and elected to use the church traveling rule.
Their were women, men and a few young adults at this function, I think the women were dependents. The men, at least some of them were pilots. We did meet a Mongolian General. This wasn't your everyday tea party for sure!
Tomorrow will be the aerial combat training exercise and maybe it won't be just the Canadians' doing the aerial dog fights, time will tell and I'll keep you posted.

That is what we did and saw!

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