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Friday, March 1, 2013

Mac Dill AFB... The ID Update

Shark or Porpoises?
This morning the temperature was cool and about  8 to 10 knots wind coming from the North. I finished three days of blogs and downloaded pictures. It is disappointing that I am limited to only a few pictures on the blog. I know that I could upload several to Picasa and then have a link in the blog for viewing. Maybe I'll give that a try soon.
Could This Be a Carnival Cruise?
The shower room is across the street which is helpful. We are dry camping and doing fine with all the facilities close by. I actually got a call from the Fam Camp Office for an upgrade, but we decided we liked the spot we were in an declined the offer. We must be getting hard core.
This is not a Canadian Dog Fight!
Last night at the SeaScape Beach Bar we noticed several military personnel from many countries. The Canadians are here with there F-18 Hornets and are schedule for a dog fight training tomorrow. I can't wait to see these aircraft do their thing. Other countries present here are England, Israel, I think the Philippines. I couldn't recognize all of the patches on their uniforms.
Oh, ya, back to the ID Update. Helen's ID is expiring at the end of next month and we wanted to update it while we were here. After finding the ID Issue building we discovered that ID can only be updated not more than 30 days from expiration. Oh well, around April 1st we'll check into another military base and get it done.

Even the Air Force has Boats Protecting US!

This afternoon we walked the beach and were surprised to see two sharks just off shore. Well at least we taught they were sharks. A retired Coast Guard guy was at the Marina and were showed him my pictures. He said they were Porpoises. So much for our nautical knowledge.
It did warm up this afternoon and the sun was shining. Our beach walk made us tired and a half hour nap felt good. We are parked at the Marina and are actually writing this blog nearly live.

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