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Friday, March 22, 2013

Key West… Numbered Days

Sunset on the Dinner Cruise!
Before today’s adventure blog, I have to write a little on yesterday. There is a saying here in Key West that every day is Sun Day!  and that is so true. It was in the mid eighties, but the humidity was up and it felt like the nineties.  As strange as it may seem, the RV park down here in Trumbo Point is thinning out considerably. You see as late April and May approaches the temperature climbs and the nights stay in the eighties. This may not seem like a problem, but with no electricity other than  generators and a rule to shut down generators by eleven pm, that makes it uncomfortable to sleep, hence they shut down this RV Park around the first week of May. Most of the campers here have been here for nearly six months. Some people stay here year round, but they move to Sigsbee's where full hookups are available. The problem there is that you can only stay in one spot for two weeks. If another full hookup spot is available you can take it, if not than you have to go to dry camp. They tell me that people there are not as friendly or I should say “not as a community” as here at Trumbo Point. Here you pick a spot and stay as long as you want. (Of course for $13 dollars a night). Yesterday, I also called an old National Guard buddy to tell him of this wonderful place. Dave and Lu would fit in this place like fingers in a glove. Yesterday, we also said goodbye to our camping neighbors Loren, Dixie and of course their dog Liberty! Loren is a retired NG Motor Sargent and we had a lot to talk about in our short stay here at Trumbo.
Friday night is fish fry dinner night at the church of St Mary Star of the Sea. You can’t go wrong with a dinner like that. Eat as much as you want and so well prepared! After the dinner a walk was in store. One place to check off on our list of places to visit was the large cemetery in the center of town. “Remember the Maine” the battleship that was sunk in Havana Harbor. Many of the sailors who died on the ship are buried here. There are also soldiers and sailors from many past conflicts buried  here. The  cemetery is large that there are street names and large enough for vehicles. This cemetery like most in low lying areas have above ground mausoleums. It’s neat to walk around and checkout the names and dates on the grave markers. Some go back to the eighteen hundreds and some are as recent as 2008 that we saw. It was around 6:30 in the evening, about a hour before sunset. The sun was still warm. A note here on the condition of the tombstones and large concrete markers. Many of them were sinking with open holes on their sides. This makes for comfortable living quarters for Iguanas. Needless to say we spotted at least a dozen of the critters sunning themselves before sundown.
That is what we did and saw!

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