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Monday, March 25, 2013

Wellington, FL…Bye, Bye ~ Key West…Crawling North!

Me and Luke
Early on Monday, even before sun up, I knew leaving Key West would be sad. I was watching lightning outside of the camper. You know the kind that flashes, but has no sound or is too far away to hear. The forecast for 30% showers was predicted. We got up and very quickly, we were on the road. I wanted to make it to Marathon before sunrise. As it turned out, I worried for nothing. The sun would not be shinning into my eyes heading east. It drizzled just after arriving in Marathon.
One of the last things that happened in Key West was us walking along the docks and watching five or six sharks feeding on bait next to a boat. Someone hollered my name from the restaurant next to the dock. It was Assistant Police Chief Barney Valliere, from our home town of Berlin, NH. He and his wife Sue had just flown in for a winter getaway. It’s a small world!
Wellington was our target for today. We met Helen’s cousins Marc and Lucille Croteau at their beautiful home. Wellington is a community that is well known for racing horses, Polo and Equestrian events. The town has many high end developments with well manicured properties. Mark and Lucille had their grandson with them when we arrived. Luke made a remarkable impression on us. He is eleven years old and is very knowledgeable, especially when talking about fishing!
Marc, Luke, Coco and Lucille
Later in the evening, we ate at one of Luke’s favorite restaurants. Naturally, he had fish and we enjoyed prime rib. The evening ended when Luke’s father Jules  and Luke’s sister Julia came over to pickup Luke. It was a memorable evening chatting with their family. We showed them the truck camper as they were leaving.
That is what we did and saw

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