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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Key West…Home Base…Getting to know you!

Saturday, Mar 9, 2013 HP
Our Military Beach!
Slowly getting into the routine of RV Camp life is what today was all about. Our neighbors still giving us needed info, how to get there from here, how to save a buck here and there. We spent the morning talking and enjoying the sun. After lunch, we headed out with the camper to checkout Sigsbee's (the main Naval Air Station complex). It is actually fairly small in real estate size. The Navy has Annexes all over Key West, most are guarded and gated. Back at Sigsbee, we found the campground registration office (closed as expected) the Navy Exchange, the Commissary and so on. Next on todays list was to find the Catholic church to get a mass schedule. The church is now a Minor Basilica (The Basilica of Saint Mary Star of the Sea). This was a change from our visit ten or so years ago. This church is a hundred years old and it is so well designed with both sides of the church having doors every few feet for cross ventilation. The church owns a lot of real estate here and their grounds are immaculately groomed.
No not Hawaii... but close!
The only place to park was in the church parking lot. It was 4:30… nearly to late to go back to the RV park. It’s nice to have your home with you. We would stay here until mass at 6 pm. After church services, we asked the priest if we could park here for another hour or so while we went out for dinner. He said, “don’t worry about the tow away signs, you came to church and that qualifies you for free parking”! Off we went for an evening stroll down Truman Ave. trying to choose a place to eat. So many choices! Finally, we found a place that suited our taste. Returning later to Trumbo RV park, we discovered that our canopy had been blown over by the wind! I didn’t even try to set it up again this evening. A half hour of reading and we were in bed. We were satisfied with todays’ adventures.
That is what we did and saw! 

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