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Friday, March 8, 2013

Key West, FL ~ “Houston…Boomers On The Move Has Landed!”

Everglades National Park behind us and the Keys ahead of us… we were on our way for another adventure. A stop at Home Depot for a squeegee for the shower, a brush for the BBQ grill and another Wall-Mart grocery restocking and off to Key West a mere 129 miles from Homestead.
Seven Mile "Over Seas Highway"
US-1 South is a two lane highway. The traffic is moderate, but often the road has those concrete barriers in the middle. This makes for very attentive driving. Once you get south a ways the waterways start to really get beautiful. The Aqua color, the boats, the small offshore islands keep you looking! All of this attention does get you tired after a 100 mile run.
This is Key West... Even the Dogs are Cool
Naval Air Station~ Key West was the first stop. You need a military ID, registration for your vehicle pass. Next we were suppose to check-in at Sigsbee's for an RV spot. Construction screwed that up, so go to plan “B” Trumbo (this was were we wanted to be, the Coast Guard RV Campground). The Camp Host was on duty and we signed in (at least temporarily until Monday when Sigsbee's would be open. We had a spot! Trumbo has many RV’s. A water hookup every fifty feet, our spot has water. No electrical hookups anywhere. It looks like everyone has generators. The park is at waters edge. The one thing about military campgrounds is that people are friendly! We no sooner pulled into our spot when the guy in back of us introduces himself and so did everyone in a short time. They gave us so many tips I needed a stenographer to take notes! The evening was soon upon us. It was hot and I took a shower before our evening stroll down to the pier a couple of hundred feet away. Many Coast Guard vessels were here. They had their navigation lights on. With the sun setting and the navigation lights on, it was colorful, but I took no pictures here as we were told not to when getting a pass.The Home Land Security were there also. They had this speed boat with four 350 horsepower motors on the back, that’s 1400 horsepower!
When we returned to the RV Campground. All those Honda generators were quietly humming around powering all the satellite TVs. We fell asleep very quickly.
That is what we did and saw!

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Sixbears said...

I love Key West. It's a crazy town. The next time we visit might be by boat.