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Monday, March 11, 2013

Key West…Taking Care of Business

With the time change yesterday, it is nearly dark at 7am. You can’t miss 7am as everybody seems to go outside and start the generators. It is not a loud affair, but more like someone mowing their lawn. One Vietnam vet has re-written Margarita Ville with different lyrics. It goes something like this;

Generator Ville by John R. Gillette

Gassed up my “Onan”,

While it was still going,

And somehow it created a”spark”!

The Navy then asked me, to please leave.
After, I burnt up half of the park!

Wasting away again in “Generator Ville”,
Searching for my lost voltage and  watt
Some people claim there’s a connection to blame!
But I know, it’s my Yamaha’s fault

This goes on for four more verses with every generator manufacture named.
This is the place!
Off to Sigsbee’s campground office to officially register. The going rate of $13 a day was ok by me. We moved our departure date to the 25th of March. That will enable us to stay over the weekend and see a giant two day airshow at the Naval Air Station. It may be the last time the “Blue Angles” appear (the sequester will affect them also) I feel fortunate to be able to attend this event.
Next order of business was a haircut for me and Helen at the Navy Exchange. We both are satisfied with results. It seems that it’s always time to replenish our vittles. A short drive down the street to a Publics Grocery store to check off this detail.
After lunch, we headed for town with the truck, but we parked it at the church parking lot. The lot is centrally located. We decided to find Helen’s cousin Paul Doucette. He would be working on Duval Street as bartender. We soon were sitting at the bar and had a cold beer while chatting with Paul. Now you would think that the place wouldn't be busy at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but in fact he was hustling drinks left and right. Remember this is Key West and people come here to unwind and party.(especially young people)! We set up a time for Friday evening for dinner and left Paul to his work.
A mile drive to Generator Ville for a rest before we walked to Mallory Square for the finish to a perfect day “The Sunset”!
I’ll talk about Mallory Square on a separate blog post.
That is what we did and saw!

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