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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alexandria Bay ~ Thousand Islands

Day #3 of our adventure.
 We left the campground in Ft. Drum around 6:45 am. We then went to the Inn to get internet access. We finally left the base around 9 am. The sun was shinning & it looked like we were finally going to experience good weather!
We stopped at Wal-Mart in Watertown to pick up a few things and then proceeded to find our 1st cache of the day (in the adjacent parking lot). We were off to a good start!
We  then drove to Alexandria Bay (still in NY state).  We arrived there around 11:15 am; decided to get something to eat before taking a shuttle on one of Uncle Sam’s boats to Heart Island to visit the Boldt Castle & gardens. We spent a couple of enjoyable hours on the island.
Upon our arrival back at the Bay, we went in search of the highly recommended State Park in the area.
 We arrived at Keewaydin State Park around 3 in the afternoon. We parked our vehicle & took our bikes off the truck to do a little biking & some Geocaching. We found our 2nd cache of the day very quickly & then were able to bike around the park.
Later, in the early evening, we returned to the Bay area & walked along the water. We spoke to a young family that was fishing with their 2 small children. We tried finding the Information Center along the turnpike so that we could get access to WiFi, but...ended up having to pay $2.50 to go across the toll bridge to Wellesley Island. We turned around & decided that it was time to call it a night! We were back to our campsite around 8:30.
Power House @ Boldt Castle
This is the Power House for the Castle.
Boat House
This is the Boat House above and the Boldt Castle below
Boldt Castle
Helen on Heart Island
Helen standing in front of the boat house.
Lucien & Helen
Two happy tourists.

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