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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bemidji, MN ~ First City on the Mississippi River

Bemidji, MN (no typo) is the first city on the Mississippi River, I had no idea that the mighty river started up here.
Let me say that I wrote yesterday post around 9pm here in Bemidji and we decided to have our first stay in the Wal-Mart parking lot along with several other RV travelers. Here is what happened during the night. Around 11pm some sort of store alarm went off for a long time. Than we heard someone hollering, than thunder, lightning and at 4:30am the giant vac truck came in to sweep the parking lot. The parking lot was so well lit that we could read a book inside the camper without additional light. The price was right and as they say you get what you pay for.  
We left Bemidji around 8am and headed on our now familar US 2 route. The road is as straight as an arrow for as far as you can see. The land is now more open with just a row or two of trees to separate the fields from the farm houses. From Michigan which is very much like New Hampshire as far as the mountains, trees and weather to Wisconsin with its dairy farms, I had to buy some cheeze, to Minnesota with its ponds, lakes route US 2 is not an interstate and unitl now a two lane road with passing lanes every few miles.
We drove 227 miles and arrived at Grand Forks, ND around four pm. The information boot gave us a choice of two campgrounds. We picked the one with WiFi and a car show across the street that night.
I do have pictures but the WiFi here is very slow, will post them later.

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