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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hope to Cache Creek ~ The Othello Tunnels

The Frazer River
Leaving next morning for a long journey north we wanted a coffee and headed for town. Surprise number one, this town was full of wood carvings from artist from all over the world. The details were unbelievable! The local coffee shop was number two. What’s to see and do in this town I ask? The Othello Tunnels is what we were told from the owner of Sharon's Deli & Lunch Bar. What are the tunnels? The tunnels were railroad tunnels carved into a gorge, now abandoned. Quite spectacular said Sharon. Also, where Rambo:First Blood was filmed. We walked the town and took many pictures of all the carvings and then headed to the tunnels. Well worth the hike along the railroad bed, amazing how they could have made the tunnels back in the day. Took many pictures, had a great time and finally left town after 1 PM.

The Othello Tunnels
The last wonderful surprise of the day was the Frazer River which was at flood stage, our route north follows this river and again the scenery was mind boggling. The water was brown and boiling, you could see the current going in different ways, powerful and beautiful. We drove places like Hells Gate, Spuzzum, Boston Bar, Keefers, Lytton, Spences Bridge, Ashcroft and finally Cache Creek. Our campground tonight is Brookside Campsite. Temperature is 76 degrees, pool is open, what a great day to drive to Alaska!

That is what we saw and did

Swollen Frazer River

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