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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cache Creek to Prince George ~ The Drive!

Got off fairly early today, expecting to cover ground going north and we did. We left Cache Creek just before 8am, even the restaurant wasn’t open. The coffee would have to wait for a stop down the road. Oh, by the way two coffees’ at a local restaurant in Clinton $4.50 and that’s not even a 12 oz. cup! The only other thing we claimed beside the check was a geocache at the museum. BC is a beautiful Province. It is especially clean and they recycle heavily. That said the prices for everything are high. (Shipping you know!) The gas prices are $1.31 per liter times 3.785 to a gal equals to $4.95 per gal. Right on budget!

The drive was long today but we stopped several times to explore. In Quesnel, there was this log cabin visitor center that was amazing. A ten foot diameter (at the base) cedar tree in the center held up the two and half story building. Engineering at its best. The town was going to have a rodeo this coming weekend and a lot of activity was evolving because of this. Lunch break here, another geocache at the visitor center, a short nap and on to the next town.
Information Center in Quesnel, BC

The terrain so far was reminiscent of some parts of the Southwest with sparse trees on hilly mountains, an occasionally eroded hillside would reveal bedrock of yellows and deep reds, this with the fir and cedar (greens) was enough to want and stop for a picture.

This landscape soon left us and heavy forest of soft wood soon became the norm. Logging, paper mills, saw mill, biomass plants, double trailer log trucks and log cabin assembly plants and anything to do with the forest is here.

We may be compact in our Truck Camper
but not as compact as this!!
That is what we did and saw

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Anonymous said...

Would love to see more pictures of the cedar tree that supports the info center!