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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Prince George to Watson Lake ~ The Promise Land

Isn't it nice to see snow again!
All along the way up here at different campgrounds campers have been speaking of this must do road in Northern British Columbia. I could never get the pronunciation, it started with a “C” . When we arrived in Prince George I would have to make a critical decision, go right up to Dawson Creek and the beginning of the Alaska highway or go left towards Prince Rupert and then the infamous “C” road. Everybody reading this who knows me knows that I went left. The highway with a C is the Cassiar Highway. This road with a short 80 miles side trip to Stewart, where I’m told you can literary get out of your car and touch the glaciers. That sounds exciting, especially when they tell you to top off your gas tank at every filling station. That’s for tomorrow adventure.
Totem Pole, Paddle Wheel and Us!

Today, we did the non-adventure and traveled mostly in the rain all day. We again saw  swollen brown rivers going down from flood stages. We went through towns with the names of Vanderhoof, Decker Lake, Houston, Smithers and Hazelton. Every town has a visitor center, very helpful staffs and plenty of maps and advice. We are in Hazelton, BC in a campground named Ksan (main reason for coming here WiFi) There is nearly always a nice surprise on these side road campgrounds. This one was a suspension bridge not like the Golden Gate, but only wide enough for one vehicle at a time. Of course, it is a couple of hundred feet over the Skeena River. Too nervous to take a picture on the way over I’ll have to stop on the way back. Hmm... if I could only talk Helen into driving the camper over the bridge I could really get a good picture!!

The old Hazelton village has a lot of history back in the fur trading days, paddle boats made this town busy in the 1866 era. For a rainy day, we did see the sun after supper for our walk in the park.

That is what we did and saw

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Carin and Jerry! Sounds like you are having a great trip. We're in Dawson Creek today and headed out. Our goal is to be up at Denali for July 12. Will keep following...when we have wifi!