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Monday, June 18, 2012

Williston to Havre ~ The Home Connection


NH Truck Campers in Montana!
Helen, Lucien, Bob, Jan at Evergreen Campground
Leaving Williston after a short stop at Mickey D’s for coffee, the oil fields soon were behind us and Montana “Big Sky Country” was all around our tiny camper in a sea of grass land. It is nearly impossible to describe how the sky with its puffy white clouds and blue sky make you feel… like you’re  in a  3-D theatre. We drove 230 miles on this day. The time went by fairly quickly because I had programed some geocaches along the route. A program named GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) made it possible to find caches. Every dozen miles or so, a cache showed up on the handheld Garmin GPS. Here is where the home connection comes in. On this one stop, in a rest area, there is another slide in truck camper, a rare site. There aren’t many around compared to other types of campers. I was watching this guy getting out of the back of his camper and having bicycles on a bike rack maneuvered around the bikes to the ground. I waved to him and continued looking for the geocache. The other camper drove around and headed towards us, Helen noticed the license plate was from New Hampshire! We talked for several minutes. He said he was headed for West Glacier National Park Village to a slide-in truck camper rally, wow that sounded interesting! We were both headed for Havre for the night. We stayed at the same campground that night and had dinner together. He is a retired police chief from Alstead, NH and she retired from the school system. We did a lot of talking and ironed out a GPS problem with his tablet and discussed the upcoming rally. We retired to our own campers for the night., I was exhausted, I couldn’t concentrate to write anything on the blog. I was on the pillow by 9pm.

That is what we did and saw.

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