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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Libby, MT to Colville, Washington

Libby the city of Eagles
In between Libby and Colville lies the whole northern part of the State of Idaho. I’ll talk more about Idaho in a minute. The drive from Libby to Colville wasn’t very long seeing that we left so late in the day. A restaurant named Henrys was our choice for dinner. Two steaks, potato, cream of broccoli soup for $16.95 (Friday night special) it was excellent. We did do a little walking around town to work off our dinner and get a few geocaches in to claim another state souvenir. The night in the parking lot at Rousauers Supermarket wasn’t bad at all; the usual three to four long trains went by but no whistle blowing. We had a good night sleep. The above should have gone on yesterday’s blog post.

An early start and a few miles we crossed the border into Idaho. I’ve always heard that this state had rugged terrain and it does. Mountains, valleys, creeks, rivers switch back roads Idaho has everything, sort of reminds me of the moonshine back roads of southern states. They must be having their spring run off because the rivers were full and touching the green leaves of the abutting trees on both river banks. The green river water (glacial run off?) was picturesque. The run through the state at that northern point is less than fifty miles. I made sure we included a few stops along the route to get a couple of caches for another state souvenir. Our last leg for this day was a decent down from a mountain range into Colville, Washington. We came into town on the same street as “The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church”; it was 3:30pm, pulled into the parking lot, rested and waited for the 4:30 mass. Went to dinner at KFC, geocached in the evening, and decided that the church parking lot was in a quiet neighborhood, and there we parked for the night. Amen!

That is what we did and saw

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