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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Board Meeting Day!

Iron Ore hauling engine in the town of  Proctor, MN
The town that helped the BWW Chairperson!
 This day was partially dedicated to my commitment to the Berlin Water Works monthly board meeting. I am chairperson and very much wanted to take part in the meeting. I accomplished this with the help of Skype. When I left Berlin I was thinking that I could log on to Skype with my Android phone but soon discovered that it didn't have enough band width and reception to accomplish this. My backup would be with a phone call (audio only). I knew that I could get good WiFi at McDonald's but it wouldn't be private enough. I would have to be inside for five bars of reception. We were in Duluth, MN at the time and decided to drive to the outskirts to a place called Proctor, Helen noticed an Internet cafe with WiFi. We stopped and ask if it would be possible to run the meeting from there. The lady said sure, we'll even set you up in a room by yourself. Great!! This morning we came in and setup. Called BWW and the next thing you know I was running the meeting from approximately 1300 miles from the office. I felt proud of this accomplishment. Oh, on the 12th we stayed at a campground called "Spirit Mountain Campground" hardly anyone around but we did talk to one couple who had gone to Alaska a long time ago. The campground office was closed when we got there but we followed the instructions and did a self check-in.

That is what we did and saw today!

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