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Saturday, June 23, 2012

West Glacier Village to Libby, Montana

Some of the Truck Camper Rally People @ campfire

The rally crew had a hike scheduled in the morning with a park ranger. The weather was pleasant but showers were forecast for the afternoon. We wanted to continue and elected to leave for our journey west and not go with the hiking rally crew. They left at 7:45am, we would blog, do laundry and leave. Not all rally campers were going on the hike. That is ware our scheduled sort of changed. One by one they wandered by and chatted, we asked questions, the routes we were about to take, what should we visit, which ferry to take in Seattle. These guys are experts, some travel year round in there campers. We would stay on route US 2 but take C20 over the Cascades for impressive scenic views. All of this talking and information gathering lead to a 1:15 departure. No schedule, no problem, we drove about 160 miles to Libby, MT (Noted to be Bald Eagle Capital of Montana.) We could have stayed in a campground but a well-placed grocery store parking lot with WiFi did the trick. We did groceries settled in for the night. The showers did come around midnight, the temperature did get up to 79 degrees in the afternoon after coming down from of the high elevations. Libby, MT is around 3250 feet above sea level, Berlin, NH is around 900 ft.

That is what we did and saw

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