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Friday, June 22, 2012

West Glacier Village ~The Truck Camper Rally

One of the many picture perfect lakes
Our plans today were to leave St Mary Campground and drive around the tip of the park to West Glacier and meet up with our newly acquired New Hampshire friends. We had plenty of time to get there figuring they wouldn’t be arriving until mid-day. That gave us time to visit “Two Medicine” along Looking Glass Highway, the relatively short distance to the west side. The weather was perfect, in the high sixties. I took a scenic mountain top road, we saw wild horses, even had to wait for them to get out of the road. A coyote was next; now the hairpin turns with drop-offs brought spectacular views of mountains, lakes below and glaciers. The turnoff to Two Medicine gave me a chance to try a video for the first time. I turn on the camera and started to describe the stately mountains while driving.We were making a long sweeping corner when three mountain sheep were walking in the road going in the opposite direction. How lucky can one be I thought... then I noticed that I had not clicked on the record button. Damn-it! We continued to the lake and took some awesome pictures. We pulled into East Glacier Village for gas and Helen wanted to mail cards at the post office. Here comes the New Hampshire connection again. Bob and Jan coming from the other direction pulled into the gas station. We convoyed the rest of the way to the rally at Lake Five Resorts. We were met by the rally organizer who graciously got us a site with the rally discount.

The truck campers came in all afternoon and many came over and welcomed us and we chatted about everything. Apparently there are a lot of people going to Alaska, at least two convoys left yesterday.
Two Medicine Lake

We decided that we would only stay the night and leave the next day. With that in mind we left late afternoon to visit the west side of Glacier. Observations were as follows; a lot more tourist on this side, more gift shops and more picture perfect places to use the camera.  We drove as far as allowed with the camper (Avalanche Creek). We weren’t able to drive the 50 mile Go-to-the-sun-road, but between both sides we drove 29 miles. I can live with that.

No rally is complete without a night camp fire and stories from all the campers. There was camper visits, mostly the woman who went from one camper to the next. Helen will tell you some are pretty lavish. We turned in around 10:30. What a perfect full, exciting day!!

That is what we did and saw

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