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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Port Angeles to Hope, British Columbia ~ The Tunnels

The day started out with threatening skies especially along the coast, you know they get over 100 inches of rain a year. Something has to water those big trees.  A quick ride down to Port Angeles to at least checkout the town, Helen spotted a Thrift Store and we stopped to compare this store to the East Mall (She volunteers there.) back in Berlin.

Port Angeles
We were lucky again to be the last vehicle on the ferry back to Coupeville without waiting at all. This was the start of a better day for adventure. In a short while we were at the Canadian border, expecting the officials to confiscate our bananas and oranges, I waited for the typical questions. He asked where we were going, I said Alaska, where in Alaska?  I said I don’t know but would let him know when we came back; he said I wouldn’t be here. Any weapons in the vehicle? None. Off we went on our adventure.

First impression of BC, I wasn’t expecting Abbotsford to be so urbanized. We had to find a campground further away from the fast pace. We aimed for the first town on One North which was Hope, BC. It wasn’t raining but the clouds were ever so low that we didn’t realize how close and high the surrounding mountains were until the next morning. The campground was just on the outside of town. We had WiFi, and full hookups.

That is what we did and saw

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