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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Harve to Cut Bank, Montana ~ The Rain!

Havre to Cut Bank, Montana ~ The Rain!

Helen & I decided to head west to Cut Bank, Bob and Jan wanted to turn South on US87 for some Lewis & Clark adventures. It wasn’t long before we got out of town and it started to drizzle and than rain moderately most of the day. Cut Bank, MT has a very well-staffed and  helpful information center. Cherry and Molly gave us plenty of things to see and places to eat. We were able to stay right in there parking lot with five bar WiFi. It stopped raining and we did a few geocaches, than we tried the local favorite restaurant, wow the food was excellent. I had country fried steak, hash browns, salad and a small hot homemade loaf of bread.

For a rainy day we were happy and now within an ear shot of Glacier National Park (60 miles.) The weather for tomorrow would be clearing and we would visit the eastern side of the park. I did not want to drive that way today because we would lose the spectaclular view coming to the mountain range. First impressions you know.

That is what we did and saw

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