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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Long Day on the Road

Writing a blog should be easy but given the fact that we drove 338 miles in one day and arrived in a town with no G3 Data available and no nearby campgrounds makes writing a little difficult. We drove by this market (closed for the day) which said free WiFi. I pulled in next to the front door and clicked on my WiFi button and there it was perfect five bars. We checked email, entered our geocaching finds for the day, checked Face book for news and than I said lets stay here for the night. In about ten minutes the local police drove by doing his checks and I flagged him down to ask if we could park overnight. He said there shouldn't be a problem as long as we didn't run our engine all night. Our camper doesn't need external power for a short one night stay. The solar panel kept the on board marine battery up, the propane kept the refrigerator, hot water and furnace running if needed. We did have a problem, the wind was blowing with gusts of 25 mph. This I found out later cause the furnace pilot light to go out and prevent the furnace from starting with the thermostat. The propane tech gave me advice on how to minimize this problem. (The temp. in Mackinaw was in the 90's but here in Ironwood, MI in was 49' at night and mid 60's in the day)
I am writing this blog on Tuesday on the 12th at night around 9:30pm and using my Android phone to get on line, it works alright but trying to upload pictures is a long process. I try to post the date of the blog for the day the adventure happened.

That's what we did yesterday

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