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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Duluth, MN & Superior, WI a Day to Enjoy

Duluth, MN a City with hills!
Two sister cities separated by a body of water and joined by several bridges. Duluth is bigger and very much like Berlin, NH with extremely steep hills. There must be a lot of fender benders in the winter. I would say the city is about the size of Portland, ME. The city is very commercial with large grain elevators (General Mills Cereals) and huge piles of coal and hundreds of railroad cars. The downtown is very modern with buildings and many pedestrian sky way walking bridges above the streets connecting buildings. It must be convenient in the winter. We drove around for a short time but the traffic was heavy and headed to the outskirts for peace of mind.
Superior, WI on the other hand is more spread out and touristy. We had a good time here geocaching and visiting the city attractions. One historic site was this long elevated concrete structure with railroad tracks on top and a multitude of shoots on the sides. After thinking of the song "The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald" I started to think of the words. The Edmond Fitzgerald with a load of iron ore, ah! This structure is how they loaded the iron ore from the railroad cars into the huge ships that carried this iron ore around the great lakes. The song also says "Lake Superior never gives up her dead", well in our short travels Lake Superior seems more ominous than the other Great Lakes.

Iron Ore loading dock
In Superior, WI across from Duluth we spent time geocaching, some caches were difficult and with no success. The best finds are the ones that bring you to unsual places. The bike path that goes under the highway was a very nice location.

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